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How do I book a member of your organization for a speaking engagement?

Booking a member of our organization for a speaking engagement is simple. Just fill out the form on the Book Us page on our website, providing details about the event, budget, desired topic, and preferred dates.

Our team will review your request and get back to you promptly to discuss further arrangements and ensure a successful and impactful event.

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How do I partner with your organization for a brand deal opportunity?

Partnering with our organization for a brand deal opportunity is a seamless process. To explore collaboration possibilities, fill out the form on the Book Us page on our website.

Our team will review your submission and reach out to you to discuss further details, objectives, and ways we can create a meaningful and mutually beneficial partnership that aligns with our mission and goals.

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How do I donate to your organization?

We greatly appreciate your interest in supporting our organization! To make a donation, please click on the Donate button below. There, you will find an option to donate as little as $5 monthly, which is the only donation form we accept currently.

Your contribution will help us continue our vital work in advancing mental health support for Black men. We sincerely thank you for your generosity and commitment to making a difference.

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How do I get connected with a Black mental health professional?

We have built a directory of high-impact, Black mental health professionals that provide coaching as part of our holistic healing platform, Safe Haven. Each professional is personally vetted by our team before they're allowed on the platform to ensure that they are Black men-competent (have years of experience helping Black men to heal).

If you're interested in being connected with one of our Safe Haven healers (Black mental health professional), sign up below.

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Safe Haven Questions

How do I sign up for Safe Haven?

After an 8-month wait, you now have an opportunity to be part of the premier mental health platform for Black men.

We currently have 300+ Safe Haven members and will have to waitlist Safe Haven soon
. Secure your spot below, so we can help you heal from the things that are stopping you from being the man you desire to be.

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How do I log in to Safe Haven?

To log in to Safe Haven, navigate to the log in page on our website and use the email and password you configured during sign up. If you cannot remember your password, click the "Forgot password" link and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you.

The link to log in to Safe Haven is located on our navigation bar on desktop and inside our navigation menu (top right) on mobile.

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How do I change my billing information?

To change your payment information, log in to your Safe Haven account, go to your profile, then click Billing.

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Can I use insurance for my Safe Haven coaching sessions?

At Safe Haven, we do not directly accept insurance for individual sessions. However, if you have an HSA (Health Savings Account), you may be able to seek reimbursement for your sessions. Simply request an invoice or receipt from your Safe Haven healer, and you can use this documentation as evidence when filing your reimbursement claim with your HSA provider.

This way, you can still try to take advantage of your HSA benefits while receiving the transformative support you need on your healing journey. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the reimbursement process, our team is here to help. Don't hesitate to reach out for support and guidance by sending an email to staff@expressyourselfblackman.com.

Also, depending on your insurance you may be able to get reimbursed. We suggest contacting your insurance provider and asking them if your benefits cover reimbursement for coaching sessions.

Is funding available for my individual Safe Haven sessions?

At Safe Haven, we currently do not provide funding options for individual sessions. However, we are committed to making mental health support accessible and inclusive for all Black men. As part of our offerings, we provide FREE support group sessions facilitated by industry-leading Black therapists. These group sessions offer a supportive and empowering environment for communal healing and growth.

You can easily RSVP for these sessions in the events section once you log in to your Safe Haven account. We believe in the power of collective support and invite you to join our community to experience the benefits of both individual and group healing opportunities.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We are here to support you on your healing journey.

How do I become a Safe Haven healer?

We appreciate your interest in joining our team of Safe Haven healers. To become a Safe Haven healer, please submit an application on the Safe Haven healer sign up page.

Provide us with your relevant qualifications, experience, and a brief description of your healing approach. Our team will carefully review your application and get in touch if there's a potential match. We value the expertise and dedication of our healers and look forward to considering your application to be part of our team.

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Can women and children under the age of 18 join?

Unfortunately, no. We are looking into making this possible in the future.  If you would like us to make this possible, please send an email to staff@expressyourselfblackman.com and let us know!

How do I cancel my Safe Haven membership?

To cancel your Safe Haven membership, log in to your Safe Haven account, go to your profile, then click Billing.

❗️IMPORTANT: You will not be able to see Safe Haven healers or access any Safe Haven benefits if you cancel your membership. If you are cancelling due to financial reasons, please send an email to staff@expressyourselfblackman.com and we will try to work something out with you, so you can retain access to your account.

If you decide to rejoin Safe Haven in the future you will have to join at the current membership rate – any deals you currently have will not be kept if you decide to cancel your membership and rejoin at a later date.

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