Black man, let us take the stress out of your healing journey.

In Safe Haven, you'll be paired with a Black therapist, so you can finally heal from the things you find it difficult to talk about AND gain access to a support network, so you don't have to heal alone.

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Let us help you heal.

Safe Haven is the largest healing community for Black men


Black men being paired with Black therapists for Safe Haven sessions


Black men taught how to find a Black therapist as part of our FREE webinar series


Black men in our support network ready to help you, so you don't have to heal alone


Affirmations uniquely designed to empower you and help you heal as a Black man


Easy-to-understand articles in our healing library curated for you

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Let us help you heal.

How Safe Haven works


Gain access to the community

Sign up within seconds and start searching through our platform to find educational content + resources that help you grow and heal.


Take control of your healing

We put you in the driver's seat of your healing journey by providing a space where you can be heard, get support and respect, and discover your voice.


Get help + support

We partner with Black organizations to provide you everything you need from community support to primary care. Make a request and we handle the rest.

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Let us help you heal.

Some of the Black men we helped find Black therapists in Safe Haven

We helped all of these men find a Black therapist, let us help you too.

Stop stressing yourself out by trying to heal alone. Let us take the stress out of your healing journey. You're ONE click away 👀

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Let us help you heal.

Partnered with some dope, Black organizations

We have partnered with Whole Brother Mission to develop our low cost therapy program where we pair the Black men in Safe Haven with Black therapists, so they can heal from the things they find it difficult to talk about.

We have partnered with The Healthcare Plug to provide a FREE medical concierge service that gives Black men in Safe Haven the support they need when navigating the U.S. healthcare system. As part of our partnership, we offer the following services to our Safe Haven members: physician referrals, insurance plan navigation, appointment scheduling, quarantine delivery, transportation arrangement, housekeeping services, copayment assistance, limited financial assistance and more.

We have partnered with Building Block Credit to provide personal finance education in Safe Haven, so the Black men in Safe Haven can understand how to build their credit and what they can do in their current situation to create generational wealth.


What Black men are saying about the opportunity to be in Safe Haven

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Safe Haven today

Join the waitlist today to be first in line when enrollment opens. In Safe Haven, we'll help you can heal from the things you find it difficult to talk about.

Let us help you heal.

Safe Haven was built for you

Reasons why Black people choose us

Built and owned by Black men

Safe Haven was built by Black men who know what it's like to live in your skin.

Support network of Black men

We have a community of over 250 Black men, so you don't have to heal alone.

FREE medical concierge service

We have partnered with a Black org that finds Black doctors AND schedules appointments on your behalf. All you have to do is make a request and they'll handle the rest.

Educational content

We provide exclusive, educational content focused on helping you become the best version of yourself. It's all categorized and easily searchable.


We sit down with Black thought leaders who bring their insight and perspective to help you grow, heal and excel.

Community Forums

We hold virtual forums monthly where we network and lead with vulnerability as a community.

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This is the community you've been looking for.

We all want to be heard, but more importantly, we want to be understood.

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Per month

Coaching sessions with a Black therapist ($75 per Safe Haven session)

Bi-weekly psychoeducational support group sessions with industry-leading Black therapists

Support network of over 200 Black men, so you don't have to heal alone

Personal finance group hosted by a Black, certified Credit Repair Specialist

Weekly morning meditations hosted by wellness experts and access to two guided meditations

FREE service that finds Black doctors and schedules appointments for members

Healing library of information curated by Black men for Black men

Easy to follow methods to work on yourself and self-expression

Early access to Express Yourself Black Man products and events

COMING SOON: Psychoeducational relationship group led by a Black female therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are sessions once I get paired with a Black therapist?

Currently, the sessions are $75. If that does not work for you, we also have FREE psychoeducational groups led by Black therapists where you can receive support monthly as part of your membership.

How can you provide all of these services at $49.99/month?

We have optimized our backend system to minimize the amount of staff we need to operate the platform. We also leverage partnerships with Black organizations, so we don't have to build out our own infrastructure to deliver most of the services we offer. This allows us to keep our cost lower than our competition while offering more.

Can Black women and non-binary individuals apply?

YES! Safe Haven is built by Black men for Black men, but not exclusive to Black men. Black women and non-binary individuals are not only welcome here, but expected and respected!

What happens if I'm not satisfied with my Safe Haven membership?

We believe in value over profit and we know you work hard for your money, so if you don't find value in Safe Haven all you have to do is cancel your subscription. There are NO contracts and NO hidden fees.

Not seeing your question here? Contact us.