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In Safe Haven, we'll help you find a Black mental health professional that understands you, so you can finally heal from the things you find it difficult to talk about.

Kizzle // Founder, Express Yourself Black Man

"Therapy has been one of the BEST investments I've made in my life."


Struggling to find a GOOD, BLACK THERAPIST? You're in the right place.

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Here's how you find a dope therapist


Do some self-reflection

Try to identify what you're looking to work on because therapy works best when you know what you're trying to address.


Identify what qualities you want in a therapist

Once you know what you're trying to address, you can determine what characteristics you'd like your therapist to have.


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Sample first contact email to therapist

Send the following email to any therapist you are interested in. Please see the directories below to find therapists in your area.

Hello [insert name of therapist],

My name is [insert your name] and I'm interested in starting therapy with you to address [insert concern(s)].

Are you accepting new clients? If not, do you know of anyone that you think would be a good fit based on the concerns I mentioned? If you are accepting new clients, what's your availability for a consultation? Also, do you have a sliding scale?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

[insert your name]

Resources to find therapy in your area

- Psychology Today

- Clinicians of Color

- Therapy for Black Girls

- Therapy for Black Men

- National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network

- InnoPsych

- Soulace

- Latinx Therapy

- A Therapist Like Me

- Therapy for Queer People of Color

- Healing in Colour

- Therapy for Latinx

- Inclusive Therapists

- South Asian Therapists

- Therapy That Liberates

- Black Therapist Network

- Melanin & Mental Health

- The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

Resources to find therapy with no insurance

- Dear Fathers STR8 Mental (a space for Black men/fathers to unpack, fellowship and sharpen one another led by two Black, male therapists)

- Black Men Heal (free therapy for Black men - apply to their waitlist on their website)

- Therapy for Black Men (offers financial assistance for therapy sessions booked with a therapist listed in their directory)

- Whole Brother Mission (book an intake call on their website for therapy help)

- (online platform where teens and/or their parents can get help from a licensed therapist)

- (helps to match you with a therapist and potentially cover the cost)

- National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)

- OpenPath Psychotherapy Collective

- Cerebral

- BetterHelp

- TalkSpace

- If you are employed, check to see if your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program

- Check your local universities/non-profits (sometimes they offer 1-2 years of free therapy)

- Check if you qualify for Medicaid (most providers who take Medicaid work at clinics or community mental health centers)